Metropolis Launches QER Reports for Microsoft Teams within Expo XT

QER Report for Teams

BY Metropolis

With Teams QER Reports in Expo XT, organizations resolve communication issues and improve their Microsoft Teams experience.

Metropolis Corp, a leading provider of cutting-edge SaaS solutions specializing in analytics for Unified Communications (UC) and UCaaS, proudly announces the launch of Teams QER (Quality of Experience) reports within its acclaimed Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) feature in Expo XT. Expo XT is Metropolis' Collaboration Analytics software that provides in depth reporting on multiple platforms including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, and others.

The introduction of Teams QER reports is set to revolutionize the way organizations manage and optimize their Microsoft Teams experience.

Key Features of Teams QER Reports in Expo XT:

  • Advanced Search Capabilities: Users can easily search and retrieve specific meeting information using parameters such as Meeting URL, Conference ID, Subnet, or UPN, streamlining troubleshooting processes.
  • Meeting Health Details: Dive deep into the performance metrics of individual meetings, enabling pinpoint analysis and timely action for meeting-specific issues.
  • User Health Details: Gain comprehensive insights into the quality of experience for individual users, helping IT teams identify and address user-specific concerns effectively.
  • Media Health Overview: Get a high-level overview of Key Health Indicators (KHI) for the overall tenant's meeting and calling health, empowering administrators to ensure seamless communication across the organization.
  • Audio/Video/Sharing Health Metrics:Review mid-level KHIs for audio, video, or sharing health, ensuring optimal performance across these critical communication channels.
  • VPN Impact Assessment: Evaluate the impact of VPN on meeting health, whether estimated or mapped VPN connections, ensuring secure and reliable communication.
  • Top 10 Reports: Easily identify and prioritize areas requiring attention within your tenant, facilitating proactive management.
  • Usage Reports: Gain insights into general meeting and calling usage patterns, helping to optimize resource allocation and license management.
  • Transport Analysis: Identify networks that may be blocking UDP, enabling network optimization and ensuring consistent call quality.
  • Device Performance Assessment: Assess the impact of devices on call quality, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Location Data Analysis: Review the building data file within CQD to optimize communication within the organization's physical locations.
  • PSTN Health and User Details: Access high-level summaries and individual user health reports for PSTN-based calls, ensuring voice quality for external calls.
  • Network Metrics: Get detailed insights into raw network metrics, including jitter, packet loss, and latency, for proactive network management.

With Teams QER reports in Expo XT, organizations can proactively identify and resolve communication issues, enhance user satisfaction, and optimize their Microsoft Teams experience. Expo XT continues to lead the way in providing comprehensive UC and UCaaS analytics solutions, empowering businesses to thrive in today's digital workplace.

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