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Finally! A simple and affordable call center solution is here!

Get real-time visibility for calls in queue, agent availability, call abandonment rates; and other insights with Qcloud.

QCloud is a cost-effective call center solution with real-time monitoring, customizable dashboards and analytics that integrate with most UCaaS and UC solutions. From identifying IVR bottlenecks and optimizing call routing to improving agent performance, Qcloud equips your business with the tools to provide exceptional customer service and drive growth.

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Affordable Light Call Center Software


Call Center Software

Improve Your Call Center with Qcloud

Monitor the performance of the entire call center, coach agents, and manage your queues with role-based dashboards, reports, and insights.

  • Live Call Center Dashboards

    Qcloud dashboards offer real-time data and metrics, enabling agents and supervisors to quickly see call volumes, wait times, and agent availability.

  • Optimize your IVR with Analytics

    Say goodbye to queue bottlenecks! See which IVR menu options are most popular and streamline call routing.

  • Reduce Queue Wait Times

    Use Qcloud's predictive analytics to anticipate queue volume and optimize staffing resources to minimize customer time-in-queue.

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Call Center KPIs

Manage the KPI’s You Need

Qcloud measures the call center KPI’s that contribute to your goals and deliver the best customer experience, call center efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

  • Meet Service-Level Targets

    Dashboards allow supervisors to monitor service level metrics such as average handle time, first-call resolution, and customer satisfaction, enabling them to take proactive measures to meet targets.

  • Configure KPI Threshold Alerts

    Qcloud sends real-time alerts and notifications to supervisors and agents, allowing you to promptly address critical issues, such as long wait times.

Improved Agent Visibility

Improve Agent Performance

Monitoring of individual agent performance in Qcloud and empower supervisors to identify areas for improvement and provide targeted coaching and training.

  • Live Agent Stats

    Empower your agent workforce with Qcloud so they can monitor their personal stats and keep an eye on wrap-up times.

  • Gamify with Motivational Wallboards

    Set targets and achievable goals then use Qcloud wallboards to create healthy competition within your call center agents.

  • Bad Mood Detection

    Qcloud uses AI for sentiment detection to display which keywords are frequently being used and alert you to any challenging conversations.

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