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OfficeWatch Call Reporting software provides visibility for businesses through comprehensive call tracking and communication analysis features. The system turns pbx call logs into actionable insights so you can monitor employee productivity, access capacity utilization, and prevent unauthorized phone usage. Instantly generate over 200 real-time call reports, configure custom settings, and set up call alert triggers effortlessly.

Harness the power of CDR reporting and call tracking to take control of your telecommunications.

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PBX Reporting & Call Tracking

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Real-time Call Insights

Know everything about your business phone calls.
Turn call logs into actionable insights and take control of your telecommunication network. OfficeWatch gives you complete visibility over all your company's calls—incoming, outgoing, and internal—so you can optimize how your team handles inquiries and drives more sales.

  • Improve Call Efficiency

    See call duration for every call, so you know how long agents spend truly engaging with prospects and customers. Identify coaching opportunities to improve call efficiency.

  • Analyze Peak Calling Periods

    Check start and end times on all calls to analyze peak calling periods and staff appropriately during your busiest hours.

  • Never Miss an Opportunity

    View call status (missed, completed, etc.) to monitor lead follow-up and ensure no inquiries fall through the cracks.

Call Reporting for Every PBX

OfficeWatch Supported Platforms

Metropolis' call reporting software is compatible with almost every PBX system and extremely easy to connect. Plus, we offer support and training every step of the way.

Have a PBX not listed here? Chances are, we are compatible. Contact our sales team for more information!

  • NEC call reporting software
  • cisco call reporting software
  • avaya call reporting software
  • mitel SMDR call reporting software
  • samsung call reporting software
  • shoretel call reporting software
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Telecom Utilization and Configurable Alerting

OfficeWatch goes beyond call reporting by offering essential tools to mitigate risks and optimize expenses. Benefit from 911 alert notifications that provide instant awareness in emergency situations, and leverage the trunk analysis tools to identify cost-saving opportunities and reduce liability.

  • Emergency Call / 911 Alert Notifications

    OfficeWatch 911 alert notifications provide instant awareness in emergency situations and include location details of the extension the call was dialed from.

  • Trunk Analysis

    Trunk analysis tools and utilization reporting optimize telecom capacity and call routing for improved efficiency and cost savings.

OfficeWatch Call Reporting Highlights

Scheduled Call Reports

Over 250+ templated extension or department reports can be delivered via pdf, xls or html direct to your email for easy automation.

Toll Fraud Detection

Toll fraud detection finds phone abuse to thwart unexpected costs and to identify voice network attacks.

Call Alert Notifications

Receive triggered alerts for emergency calls, unusual call activity, or network capacity via screen pop up, email or SMS text message.

Trunk Analysis

Streamline your communication network with trunking tools that minimize costs via capacity planning and optimization.

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Call Reporting Software Reviews


What Customers Say About OfficeWatch

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“We were up and running very quickly and haven't had any problems since. We had some special needs that Metropolis looked into and they were able to modify the product to meet our needs. They have been great!”

Edward B, Franklin-Pierce Associates
Happy Customer
Flexible report software

“Our organization has used both OfficeWatch and ProfitWatch for the last three years. We've found the programs to be very flexible and easy to use. And the few times that we've needed software support, the Metropolis personnel have all been very responsive and knowledgeable.”

-Kerry Lamb, KY Department of Parks
Happy Customer
OfficeWatch support

OfficeWatch [Call Reporting Software] has helped us in so many ways. I cannot say enough good things about it. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the superior help from your support team.”

Mark R, Crawford Memorial Hospital
Happy Customer
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Metropolis has been a excellent solution for us to monitor phone calls. Their software support is outstanding. With the ability to monitor extensions we were able to address unnecessary personal phone use”

Jason P, Bryant Federal Credit Union
Happy Customer
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OfficeWatch [Call Reporting Software] is user friendly and Metropolis provides excellent support. I have never experienced a wait when I needed help. Office Watch has paid for itself several times over.”

Edward B, Franklin-Pierce Associates
Happy Customer

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