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>Metropolis solutions work hand-in-hand with ShoreTel phone systems to allocate costs, reduce phone expenses, increase employee productivity and enhance security to prevent fraud and misuse. Metropolis provides 24/7/365 support and feature-rich applications that empower any user to harness the dormant potential within their phone system.

ShoreTel Compatabilitiy:
  • ShoreGear 220T1A
  • ShoreGear 220T1
  • ShoreGear 220E1
  • ShoreGear 120
  • ShoreGear 90BRIV
  • ShoreGear 90BRI
  • ShoreGear 90V
  • ShoreGear 50V
  • ShoreGear 50
  • ShoreGear 40
  • ShoreGear 30BRI
  • ShoreGear 30
  • ShoreGear 24A
  • ShoreGear T1/K
  • ShoreGear E1K
  • ShoreGear E1

Metropolis and DuVoice have worked together for nearly a decade to create complementary products for technology leaders such as ShoreTel. Metropolis is one of our favorite vendors to work with.”

Jamie Elenbaas, DuVoice Corporation

OfficeWatch Telemanagement’s expands the reporting abilities of the ShoreTel UC Core Software platform with easy scalability and multi-site abilities to provide detailed call reporting and expense allocation. OfficeWatch helps ShoreTel users to reveal critical business data, including inbound and outbound call efforts, telecom expense management, and trunk line analysis, with over 200 report templates and unlimited customized reports. Reports can be generated as needed, or scheduled for automatic delivery daily, weekly, or monthly to key personnel.

ProfitWatch Call Accounting provides powerful reporting and bill back capacity to the ShoreTel UC platform and is an ideal solution for hospitality customers. In addition to advanced guest call billing, ProfitWatch includes 911 triple alerts, connectivity loss alarms, and toll fraud alert notifications to help properties reduce liability, boost profit and productivity, and minimize expenses.

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