MetroLink UC Data Connector REST API

Connect to Power BI

MetroLink instantly channels and standardizes your raw Unified Communications (UC) data and call detail records for connection into business intelligence data visualization tools such as Power BI, or Metropolis’ front end analytics products like Expo XT, XeekAI, or QCloud. MetroLink also supports Microsoft Fabric, a cloud-based platform that provides reliable and scalable services for your UC applications.

Easily link multiple Unified Communication data sources, including Microsoft Teams REST API, to Microsoft Power BI and other BI tools. This connection provides interactive data visualizations and smooth integration with a variety of UC connection methods, PBX CDR, UCaaS data, and CCX platforms.

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Like Twilio, only tailored for UC Analytics

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UC Analytics Link and Sync API

UC Power BI Data Connector

Connect your Microsoft Teams and other Unified Communications (UC) data directly to Power BI with MetroLink. MetroLink effortlessly collects, standardizes, and syncs ALL of your communication data sources for use into Power BI, so that you can create visually stunning and insightful, customized reports and dashboards.

  • Eliminate Data Silos

    Eliminate platform specific data silos by uniting all your UC into one easy to view and analyze collection. You have complete control over your data via PowerBi and Fabric's row level and role-based access.

  • Developed by PBX CDR and UC Data Experts

    Leverage 30 years of pbx reporting and cdr analysis expertise by Metropolis Corp to access the proven KPIs in communication that drive actionable insights for your business.

Low Code / No Code UC Data Connection

Robust Backend Services

With Metrolink deploying all necessary backend services, you can focus on deriving value from your data to leverage all the features of Azure Cognitive Services.

Effortless Data Integration

Improved dashboards and configuration settings provide users a truly customizable experience to easily optimize the system around your business needs.

Stand-Alone Capability

As a standalone system, Metrolink is built into Expo XT to for comprehensive collaboration analytics, easily enabling insight into multiple communication platforms.

Rapid Deployment

MetroLink's low-code/no-code approach accelerates deployment, enabling you to get your data into Power BI, or other Business Intelligence tools, quickly.

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Leverage Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services is a suite of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning tools provided by Microsoft. From language understanding to computer vision, Azure Cognitive Services offers a wide range of services designed to extract valuable insights from your data. Explore the possibilities today with MetroLink, and let the synergy between UC, Power BI, and Azure Cognitive Services transform the way you leverage your data.

  • Interactive, Visual Power BI Data

    MetroLink facilitates the connection of visual data, such as images and video, to Azure Cognitive Services' computer vision. This connnection enables you to utilize Power BI, or other business intelligence software, to produce stunning, data-rich reports and dashboards.


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