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Marcela Umana of Metropolis is Featured in The Future of Communication series

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Featured in Authority Magazine

Metropolis Corp announced that Marcela Umana, their Regional Operations Director, is featured in Authority Magazine's highly influential series, "The Future of Communication Technology." The series highlights the pioneers and technologies shaping the path of modern communication.

Authority Magazine, a Medium publication, was formed in 2018 and shares inspirational features and interviews with influential industry leaders. Marcela's expertise in unified communications shines as she discusses her thoughts on the industry's direction and the unfolding advancements.

"The UC industry has witnessed rapid transformation over the last decade, with traditional hardware PBX systems being eclipsed by cloud-based platforms. Our Expo XT UC Analytics solution empowers complete communication insight across all platforms from Cisco Call Manager to Microsoft Teams to Zoom."

Marcela Umana, Metropolis Corp

One of Expo XT's key features is its leveraging of Microsoft's Power BI powerful data integration and visualization platform as a foundation. It provides advanced analytics capabilities, enabling organizations to gain AI-assisted insights into their communication patterns, identify bottlenecks, and optimize their processes for improved productivity and collaboration.

Marcela also shares insights into the pivotal role the COVID-19 pandemic played as a tipping point for workplace change, accelerating the adoption of remote communication tools and highlighting the need for advanced, more flexible analytics solutions, paving the way for AI innovation.

Looking ahead, Marcela underscores the importance of mindful technology usage, cautioning against over-reliance on AI and automation. She emphasizes the need to preserve human connection amidst technological advancements, ensuring that technology enhances the way we interact while never losing our ability to form human connections.

Marcela Umana's forward-thinking perspectives underscore the crucial role Metropolis Corp's solutions play in shaping the future of communication technology. The full interview can be seen here: The Future of Communication Technology: Marcela Umana Of Metropolis Corp | by Authority Magazine | May, 2024 | Medium


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