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Metropolis Launches Qcloud for Mitel ACD

Metropolis Corp, a leader in voice communication and collaboration analytics, is excited to announce the launch of Qcloud for Mitel ACD, its new cloud computing platform that fills a gap for Mitel MiVoice users that need an affordable real-time dashboard to manage their call center trends.

Qcloud's deep insights make it easy to manage queues and agent performance, ensuring heavy call volumes are handled with the needed coverage. Qcloud dashboards visually depict the mitel call data that matter most to businesses, such as the performance of queues, caller abandonment rates, and agent activities. Qcloud also provides a straightforward customization process for reporting by company-role including agent leaderboards and extensive insights for data analysts. Its user-friendly interface requires minimal training.

Call center licenses are not required to monitor and report on:

- Real-time availability of agents & calls in queue
- Call abandonment rates
- Average speed of answer
- Call handle time
- Transferred and forwarded calls
- Caller ID and digits dialed
- IVR key press Tracking
- Queue and ACD event tracking

Answer questions such as:

- Who is answering the most calls?
- How many agents are available per queue?
- Which agents are under utilized?
- What is the longest waiting call?
- What is our anticipated call volume for a given time frame?
- How can we improve our average call handle time?
- Which queues need additional staffing?
- Why are calls being abandoned?

In addition, Qcloud's data analysis and visualization tools are enhanced by Natural Language Processing (NLP), which is used to uncover hidden patterns and relationships within the data. By integrating NLP into Qcloud, users can gain insights from their data by asking questions in natural language, making data analysis more accessible and intuitive.

"Qcloud's informal call center capabilities represent a major leap forward for Mitel users that need to gain better visibility into the performance of their teams and customer interactions"

Arthur Brodeur, Director of Engagement

Mitel SMDR Reporting:

In additional to Mitel ACD dashboards, Metropolis provides Mitel SMDR reporting as well.

About Metropolis:

Metropolis Corp is a Fort Lauderdale based software manufacturer and multi-Industry leader specializing in telecom data. Their solutions provide communication and collaboration analytics to help clients accelerate innovation, streamline operations, and achieve their digital transformation goals.


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