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Pioneering the Future of Unified Communications with AI!

Recognizing the indispensable role unified communications (UC) play in modern business, we are excited to introduce our Free UC Analytics and CDR Tools. At Metropolis, we are at the forefront of believe in access to cutting-edge technology, and our suite of tools, including advanced GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) solutions, is designed to propel your communication strategy into the future.


Free GPT Tools

As part of our commitment to innovation, Metropolis Corp proudly introduces Free GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer)
Tools to help you troubleshoot your call detail records (CDR), Power BI queries, Microsoft Teams analytics, and Cisco CDR and CMR.
But what exactly is a GPT tool?

GPT tools harness the capabilities of advanced artificial intelligence, specifically designed to understand and generate human-like text.
We have trained these tools on specialized datasets, making them ideal for enhancing various aspects of unified communications.

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Explore call detail records (CDR) for a variety of PBX platforms including Avaya, Mitel, NEC, and others with this UC trained GPT. Use specific commands to help you expertly navigate and troubleshoot CDR from diverse UC environments. Free for GPT Plus subscribers.

Free Teams AI GPT

Microsoft Teams Analytics CoPilot GPT

This GPT analyzes communication data from Microsoft Teams call records and uses visual tools to identify bottlenecks in communication, assess quality of service (QoS), and determine usage patterns. Free for GPT Plus subscribers.

Teams GPT
Free Webex Calling GPT

Webex Calling CDR Interpreter

Learn how to best extract and utilize your Cisco Webex Calling CDR with our free GPT. Use specific commands to expertly navigate CDR fields. Free for GPT Plus subscribers.

Webex GPT
Free Cisco CUCM GPT

Cisco CDR Guru GPT

You can explore Cisco's Call Detail Records (CDR) and Call Management Records (CMR) by using specific commands to access our extensive library of resources to help you expertly navigate and troubleshoot complex enterprise UC call detail records. Free for GPT Plus subscribers.

Cisco GPT
Free Power BI Query Assistant GPT

Power Query BI GPT

Our free Power Query GPT guides you through Power Query and DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) within Microsoft Power BI to help you master data transformation, modeling, and reporting in the domain of Unified Communications. Free for GPT Plus subscribers.

Power Query
Free Mclick GPT Perplexity AI Broswer

Browser MClick Expert

Our free tool allows you to use the power of AI to get more comprehensive search results by aggregating multiple engines and knowledge bases, resulting in better answers.

MClick Expert

Need a Complete UC Analytics Solution?
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If you are ready for a full UC analytics solution, learn about Expo XT, our Collaboration Analytics solution.

Turn your communication data into valuable insights with Expo XT. Seamlessly connect your chat, voice, and meeting data one one or multiple UC platforms into one easy UC reporting platform. Get instant access here!