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Qcloud for UCCX is perfect for small call centers looking to manage their queues and agents!

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) has wonderful features for managing your call center interactions, and Qcloud provides you with an affordable and effective reporting and analytics platform so you can manage it all.

Significantly improve your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction with comprehensive UCCX dashboards, agent reports, and cradle-to-grave queue insights on all your call activity.


Affordable UCCX Dashboard & Reporting Solution


Live Data and Insights

UCCX Dashboard & Wallboard Features

Qcloud offers live views of all your UCCX activity with dashboards and wallboards your customize.

  • Easily Create UCCX Dashboards

    Easily navigate our user-friendly interface to monitor agent activity, CSQ performance, call volumes, and create the dashboard and wallboards specific to your needs.

  • Live Tracking of KPIs

    Qcloud delivers a comprehensive view of all your key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time.

  • Reduce Queue Bottlenecks

    Use Qcloud's predictive analytics to anticipate queue volume and optimize staffing resources to minimize customer time-in-queue.

Unlock the Insights UCCX Offers

Qcloud transforms your raw Cisco data into visually compelling charts, graphs, and diagrams that you can customize. Gain immediate insights into the performace of your entire call center with visual representation of trends and patterns.


Manage Your Call Center Team

Cisco UCCX Agent Reporting

Qcloud delivers agent state and activity stats so you can see availability in real time. This helps you to optimize your queues, reduce wait times, and deliver the best customer experience, call center efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

  • Configure Your Agent KPIS

    Select the productivity statistics you need such as average handle time, call counts, and talk times.

  • Empower Agents and Teams with Insights

    Select the desired agents, teams, or groups you want to monitor, configure the right KPI's, then enable those teams with the stats they need to help them to take proactive measures to meet targets.

Optimize Your Queues

Contact Service Queue (CSQ) Reports

Pinpoint how to reduce abandoned and aborted calls with insights on the entire call path with cradle-to-grave reports for your CSQ and entire call center.

  • On Demand and Scheduled UCCX Reporting

    Whether you require immediate insights or want to plan ahead, our Qcloud turns your UCCX data into rich reports. Generate reports on-demand or schedule reports for regular intervals.

  • Multiple Report Output Formats

    Easily share your UCCX data! Our UCCX reporting solution offers multiple output formats, including PDF, XLSX, CSV, and HTML.

Download the UCCX Reporting Guide

Download the UCCX Reporting Guide

Download our UCCX Reporting Guide to learn how to maximize your UCCX platform, gain insights into optimal call routes, easily manage agents, and reduce call abandonment rates!