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With OfficeWatch Call Reporting Software

Petco Park Background with Call Reporting Headline

Billed as the “world’s best ballpark in America’s finest city,” PETCO Park, the new home of the San Diego Padres, selected OfficeWatch Call Reporting Software for its state-of-the-art facility.

PETCO Park boasts the best sight lines in baseball, alongside breathtaking views of San Diego. The park has 42,000 fixed seats with two upper levels built on extended cantilevers and the front of the Terrace Level only 34 feet above the field. Each seat has outstanding sight lines with no obstructed views. PETCO Park’s innovative design maintains the timeless traditions of baseball in an intimate setting with state-of-the-art amenities.

The Need: Optimized Call Routing for Ticket Sales

With a capacity of 42,000, PETCO Park needed to ensure their phone systems could efficiently handle the high volume of calls for ticket purchases and customer service inquiries. They wanted optimized call routing to provide timely responses and maximize sales, especially during peak periods.

The Solution: Reporting on Call Metrics

PETCO Park implemented OfficeWatch Call Reporting to gain visibility into call metrics and optimize call routing. The results were:

  • Real-time call statistics to identify traffic trends
  • Call distribution analytics to identify agent workloads
  • Call flow diagrams for improved routing policies to streamline customer experience
  • Detailed reports on response times, abandoned calls and more

OfficeWatch provided real-time call statistics and historical reports to uncover traffic trends and identify peak call volume periods. Detailed insights included call volumes, wait times, abandon rates and service levels.

To improve workload distribution, OfficeWatch tracked automated call distribution across different queues and skill-based routing to agent, enabling telecom managers to balance workloads between agents to reduce wait times.

The Results: A Home Run for Customer Experience (CX)

By implementing OfficeWatch Call Reporting Software, Petco Park hit a home run in optimizing its call center operations and delivering an exceptional customer experience. The comprehensive call analytics and insights provided by OfficeWatch enabled the ballpark to streamline call routing, fine-tune staffing levels, and boost efficiency during peak ticket sales periods.

The results speak for themselves: reduced wait times, lower abandoned call rates, increased ticket sales conversions, and faster response times. With real-time visibility into traffic patterns and trends, Petco Park could proactively adjust call distribution policies and routing strategies, ensuring seamless communication and maximizing revenue opportunities.

Leveraging OfficeWatch's powerful call management capabilities, Petco Park continues to uphold its reputation for best-in-class customer service, befitting "America's Finest City." Callers enjoy prompt responses, while sales agents can focus on providing personalized attention, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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