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OfficeWatch Brochure

OfficeWatch Brochure

See how OfficeWatch can help your firm reduce expenses, recoup revenue, and reduce liability with a multitude of features.

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Call Accounting for Small Business

Telemanagement for Small Business

OfficeWatch for Small to Medium BusinessesOfficeWatch Telemanagement is an affordable, easy to use call accounting system for small to medium businesses

OfficeWatch Telemanagement provides small and medium businesses with critical data by revealing information from your phone system. All companies are looking to boost employee productivity, cut costs, and increase profits to grow their business. To achieve these goals, it is critical that day-to-day operations run smoothly and without any unforeseen expenses. OfficeWatch is the telecom dashboard needed to manage daily call expenses, track employee productivity, and detect phone abuse without taking up precious employee time to manage the software. All thresholds can be set for automatic alert notifications and reports can be scheduled for automatic email delivery to key personnel.

  • Reduce Telecom Expenses
  • Eliminate Phone Abuse
  • Emergency Call Alarms
  • Report Automation
  • PBX Hacking Alerts
  • Sales Call Tracking
  • Phone Carrier Bill Auditing
  • Marketing Campaign Tracking
  • Trunk Line Optimization

OfficeWatch is user friendly and Metropolis provides excellent support. I have never experienced a wait when I needed help. Office Watch has paid for itself several times over.”

Edward A. Blum, Franklin-Pierce Associates