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>Metropolis solutions integrate with Samsung's family of Business Communications products to provide advanced CDR reporting and telemanagement features to unveil valuable business data. Both OfficeWatch Telemanagement for Business and ProfitWatch Call Accounting for Hospitality allow Samsung users to improve productivity by analyzing employee call acctivity and send managers alert notifications of phone abuse with toll fraud features. They also can be used to identify cost savings opportunities to reduce trunk lines, minimize expensive calls, and perform carrier billing audits.

Samsung Integration
  • Communication Manager Express
  • OfficeServ 7400
  • OfficeServ 7070
  • OfficeServ 7200
  • OfficeServ 7030
  • OfficeServ 7100

When a reseller asks for a call accounting solution that is comprehensive, easy to set up, user-friendly and something their customer will love, OfficeWatch is our recommendation every time.”

Scott S., NTS

OfficeWatch Telemanagement is the telecom dashboard Samsung customers need to improve performance, increase efficiency, and streamline operations. Dynamic reporting coupled with telemanagement features such as toll fraud threshold alerts, trunk analysis tools, and 911 alarms track all calls within the organization to identify call patterns and cost savings throughout the enterprise. Over 200 report templates can be scheduled for automatic email delivery to key personnel or pulled on demand as the need arises.

ProfitWatch Call Accounting was developed to allow Samsung hospitality cutomers the ability to accurately track, manage, and bill back all calls on the property to help boost revenue. It also includes many of the same benefits as the OfficeWatch Telemanagent suite to identiy areas for cost savings and improved productivity. The system can be installed at a single property location, or across multiple sites for centralized reporting. Plus, our 60 day money back guarantee is our promise to you of 100% customer satisfaction.

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