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ProfitWatch Brochure

ProfitWatch Brochure

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Learn how ProfitWatch Call Accounting can provide advanced bill back for your guests with customized rate tables to entice in-room phone usage.

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Call Tracking for Large Hotels

Small Hotel Call TrackingEntice your guests to increase phone usage and gain profits with ProfitWatch

ProfitWatch is more than just a call accounting program. With increased competition, an abundance of discounted hotel booking sites, and a decreased economy, it is no wonder hoteliers are looking for an advantage in today’s market. With customized rate tables and bill back options, ProfitWatch makes it easy for hotels to offer guests a promotional free calling period to entice in-room phone use. Additionally, using the ProfitWatch hot spot map indicator, hoteliers can track marketing campaigns to target geographic regions and potentially increase bookings.

  • Customized Bill Back
  • Connectivity Loss Alarms
  • Marketing Campaign Tracking
  • Multi-Site Capacity
  • Profit Graph Snapshot
  • Trunk Analysis Tools
  • Automated Reports and Invoices
  • Toll Fraud Detection
  • 24/7 Technical Support

“I would definitely recommend ProfitWatch to other hotels. The straightforward menus make it easy to manage and change things. You only need a little bit of training and you can do it on your own...We use it for the emergency calls. Whenever 911 is dialed, we immediately receive an email with the extension that dialed and the location. The emergency response team checks the location to see what is going on.”

Modi Chami, Trump Towers