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OfficeWatch Brochure

OfficeWatch Brochure

See how OfficeWatch can help your firm reduce expenses, recoup revenue, and reduce liability with a multitude of features.

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Call Accounting for Legal Firms

Telemanagement for Law Firms

OfficeWatch for Law FirmsOfficeWatch Telemanagement provides accurate call tracking so you can capture billable revenue

OfficeWatch Telemanagement logs all telephone activity, ensuring accurate billing for your clients without the burden of manual record keeping. Communication is critical in law offices to keep cases moving forward smoothly. With so much at stake, doesn’t it make sense to streamline your call tracking and billing? Capture the billable communications you deserve with OfficeWatch. Set-up customized billing rates for calls to clients then export the data to your existing legal billing program to easily streamline your invoicing process. Plus, you are protected in the event of an audit thanks to OfficeWatch's numerous reporting features to enhance your paper trail.

  • Client Bill Back
  • Improve Productivity
  • 911 Emergency Alerts
  • 200+ Reporting Templates
  • Toll Fraud Detection
  • Trunk analysis interface
  • Call Record Archive
  • Account Code Reporting
  • 25 Rate Tables

OfficeWatch is user friendly and Metropolis provides excellent support. I have never experienced a wait when I needed help. Office Watch has paid for itself several times over.”

Edward A. Blum, Franklin-Pierce Associates