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Providing Visibility for Businesses with Call Tracking, Threshold Alarms and More

Telemanagement offers businesses insight into the organization

>OfficeWatch Call Reporting provides visibility for businesses to easily track all calls within the organization to determine employee productivity and prevent against unauthorized phone usage. The application includes an automatic report scheduler which configures an unlimited number of reports to be emailed, printed or archived on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. OfficeWatch also offers 911 alert notifications and trunk analysis tools to help businesses reduce their liability and expenses.

Who needs OfficeWatch Telemanagement?


Do you need a simple tool that helps you get your thumb on the pulse of your business?

Manage multiple sites, receive emergency call alerts, and automated call activity reports with OfficeWatch Telemanagement. Gain insight into your call expenses, inbound call volume, producitivy, and reduce liability with 911 alerting tools that notify you of an emergency call from anywhere on the premises.

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Sales and Marketing

Do you know if your sales team is making their followup calls?

How do you track the success of your marketing efforts in generating inbound call leads?

OfficeWatch Telemanagement is the tool you need to increase revenue, automate productivity reports, track sales call volume, and monitor marketing campaign effectiveness.

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IT Professionals

Do you need a tool to help improve the security of your business as well as reduce expenses?

Analyze trunk data and increase data sucurity with OfficeWatch Telemanagment's phone abuse and toll fraud triggers that alert you via email, SMS text, and screen pop-up. Plus our automatable reporting features make it easy to send department heads, CEOs, and other managers the information on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis automatically!

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Can you easily and accurately bill back departmental budgets for their phone usage?

Up to 20% of telecom expenses are made in error; Is your carrier billing you correctly?

OfficeWatch Telemanagmenet contains easy to use, customizable rate tables as well as carrier auditing tools to help you to recoup revenue and easily allocate costs to the correct budgets.

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Human Resources

Justify hiring decisions, prevent phone abuse, identify unproductive employees, and create a paper trail of call records with OfficeWatch Telemanagement

A study from reported that employees, on average, spend two hours per day being unproductive. This means employers are paying for approximately 65 unproductive days of work per year per employee.

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911 Alerts

911 AlertOfficeWatch’s 911 Triple Alert solutions give you the tools you need to protect your most valuable asset: your employees. Receive automatic emergency alert notifications, including the caller's location, via screen pop-up, email, and SMS text message.

Dynamic Reporting

Automatic reportsTap into your phone system to gain visibility into key calling trends and reveal critical business data including cost savings opportunities, call volume peaks, and ways to optimize your network. With over 200 reporting templates and automateable delivery options, OfficeWatch Telemanagement provides the reliable data you need, when you need it. Quickly pull any report you need on-demand, or use the OfficeWatch scheduler feature to have reports emailed, printed, or saved to a file on a recurring daily, weekly, or monthly basis automatically.

Toll Fraud Detection

Toll fraud alarmsOfficeWatch’s advanced toll fraud detection allows businesses to identify and send alerts via email and screen pop-up for international calls, calls after hours, long duration calls, and suspicious call activity, including potential VoIP hacking.

Trunk Analysis

Trunk AnalysisPrevent callers from receiving busy signals and reduce trunk expenses by monitoring trunk capacity with minute-by-minute activity to optimize trunk usage. Whether you are wasting money each month on trunk lines you don’t need, or losing customers because your trunk is at capacity and your callers receive busy signals, the Traffic Watch analysis will let you see all the activity instantly. Schedule periodic, automated reports to continually monitor usage and keep on top of your company’s on-going telecom needs.

HotSpot Map

HotSpot MapOfficeWatch's HotSpot Map provides you a visual tool to quickly determine where your calls are coming from, and where they are going. Each department can be reflected by it's unique color plot on the map, so you can quickly identify toll fraud and phone abase to unauthorized regions.

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Our organization has used both OfficeWatch and ProfitWatch for the last 3 years. We've found the programs to be very flexible and easy to use. And the few times that we've needed software support, the Metropolis personnel have all been very responsive and knowledgeable." Kerry Lamb, KY Dept of Parks
OfficeWatch is user friendly and Metropolis provides excellent support. I have never experienced a wait when I needed help. Office watch has paid for itself several times over." Edward Blum, President of Franklin-Pierce Associates
Metropolis makes the easiest and most robust call accounting product of any we could find." Jeff Tweddale, Booking Center President
The service I have received from every part of the Metropolis Corp organization has been phenomenal and I would confidently recommend them for all your call accounting software needs." Ericka Bautista, Daycom Services
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