Multi-nation triathlon company builds core strength with XT2

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XT2 finishes 1st at Worldwide Triathlon Tech Race.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (January 27, 2022): A worldwide triathlon race company, that has provided millions of participants the opportunity to prove their endurance in multisport races, has chosen Metropolis’s OfficeWatch XT2 Analytics. The company was seeking to improve customer service and, in that way, provide an outstanding experience to their loyal athletes from the moment they call.

XT2 interfaces with the company’s existing phone infrastructure to reveal communication trends across the enterprise and empowers the triathlon company to make informed decisions on scheduling, productivity, and customer service activities through advanced call data and reporting tools. In addition to over 250 included report templates offered by XT2, features of the application include frequently dialed number searches, trunk capacity tools, and tracking for inbound, outbound, and extension-extension calls. XT2 also includes nXT2 fiotifications for suspicious call activity, and site-specific system offline alarms.

Upon implementing their XT2 Solution, the triathlon company is now able to:

  • • Improve customer service by analyzing and reducing abandoned calls and hold times for incoming calls across the enterprise
  • • Analyze phone system usage and trunk line capacity
  • • Determine the productivity of their customer service team
  • • Reduce liability with toll fraud and 911 notifications
  • • Identify cost-saving opportunities with detailed telecom expenses itemized by location and department.

Metropolis Corp is truly delighted to build this worldwide triathlon company’s core strength with XT2 analytics while effortlessly, providing the visibility and performance they had been conditioning for.

About Metropolis Corp:

Metropolis Corp is a software company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that develops telemanagement, call accounting, call reporting and call center / queue management solutions that help customers improve their voice network in the US and across the globe. To learn more about Metropolis, visit

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